This tour will take you through the heart of the beautiful city of Sydney city and end down in the  ancient aboriginal and now modern historical area of the Rocks! Along the way discovering some of the beautiful buildings, gardens and of course the iconic harbour sites that have made Sydney one of the world’s most impressive, interesting and beautiful cities in the world.


Having really emerged to the world after the 2000 olympic games the way it is best enjoyed is by walking around it and taking it slowly, such is the Australian way, rather than a set list of sites that must be entered and visited. The places throughout give you a direct insight into the culture of the Australian people and how that came to be through the history of the oldest settlements. Finally the tour covers the Rocks area in which was one of the most important sites for the Aboriginal people of Australia, who’s history cannot be explained in a few minutes but by walking around and seeing the landmarks in which their history is all named after.


So enjoy the beauty, the sun and the people here in Sydney.